Send Fail2Ban logs to multiple addresses

So I was running into an issue where I wanted to send the logs to as well as my own personal email, and my business email. However I found myself running into issues of sending to more than one. So I figured out the proper syntax for the jail.conf and jail.local

sendmail-whois-lines[name=FILTERNAME, dest=”[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]”, [email protected], sendername=”Fail2Ban”]

Just replace the parts in all caps with the appropriate settings for you. I always add to report to a whole community of abusers

Author: Alon Ganon

CTO of Being Libertarian LLC. IT Consultant at AccuNet. Dental IT and Linux Specialist. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software advocate. Crypto-Anarchist. My philosophy is, "You are not dead, until you stop learning."

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