Dear Journalists of #DNCLeak

Dear Journalists of #DNCLeak,
Stop lying about that it was the Russians who cracked the security. First of all let me give you an IT lesson 101 in spoofing your location. We have what is called a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which allows us to have a virtual presence in a local network. It creates an encrypted tunnel to a location and proxies your information through there. So geographically it appears as if you are somewhere else. That’s why some of my friends have noticed my location shows as New York City, instead of Ohio where I actually live. So what exactly am I getting at here? Cyber security is tricky business and we can’t just trust that because it appears to possibly be from Russia, that is in fact Russia. So the mere fact they immediately began pointing the finger at Russia suggests this is spin rather than factual. This has been proven by the constant touting of “suspicion” as fact in many of the articles.

If we recall Sony was cracked into and even the FBI suspected North Korea of doing it (1), as it appeared to have been traced back through China, which is where North Korea proxies their internet through. However as Time magazine wrote, it turns out that evidence suggests after deep investigation they were completely wrong, and it seemed to be a disgruntled employee (2).

To be completely honest the most disgusting fact about this entire situation, is it shows how corrupt the media still is. We are seeing this as they are covering up the story, and spinning it, rather than using the emails there to show how bad the DNC and Hillary Clinton are. But then again the media has always thrown the left a soft pitch every single time historically compared to the right. I say this as someone who is neither a Republican or a Democrat. Please for once in your careers be honest to the people and report the story as it happened, not as you want them to hear how it happened.

Alon Ganon
An Honest Journalist and CTO of Being Libertarian LLC


#DNCLeak #DNCLeaks Master List

As many are aware the DNC Email was breached releasing 20,000 emails to the public. I have personally combed through them myself when the leak began. Thus far this is what I have found regarding the DNC leak

colluding with a reporter on NBC

Josh Barro Business Insider

Jake Tapper CNN

Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.

off the book meetings

Jason Seher coordinating with CNN

Bernie Supporter and Delegate Almost Wasn’t Allowed to Attend a DNC Fundraiser

DNC party with WaPo (NOTE in HTML format, easily viewed by downloading raw email and open with a mail program like Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux)

Collecting Bernie Voter Data

Collusion with RI Gov

Bernie Narrative/making him look bad

Laughing at Bernie wanting to debate in California

DNC planning to end Bernie campaign in April

Wasserman-Schultz response to claim of bias

Wasserman-Schultz called Jeff Weaver (Bernie Campaign Manager) a “damn liar” for saying there was violence in Nevada

Politico agrees to Let DNC review article regarding Hillary Fundraising before Publishing

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