Apologies for being away so long

I had some pressing matters with my team at Being Libertarian LLC, I have since published some new articles there which you can read through this link, https://beinglibertarian.com/author/ganon/. This weekend I plan to be creating a brand new WordPress stack as this server is on the older Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with a GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (5.7) LAMP stack. The new wordpress stack I will be building will utilize Ubuntu 16.04 GNU/Linux, Nginx (Easy Engine), MariaDB, and PHP (7) (making it a LEMP stack). I have over the past few months grown to love Nginx more than Apache. So I am ditching LAMP stacks for LEMP. It will incorporate SQL Injection filters, Cloudflare DNS Proxy and DDoS mitigation, Nginx caching, amongst many other things. Yes I will be putting forth a tutorial on how to do what I will be making. I also hate PHPMyAdmin and prefer working directly in shell, so no there will not be tutorial including PHPMyAdmin. This is in part due to my perception of one more way for a website to be compromised.

I am not sure whether or not I will cover the SQL database migration as those tutorials are widely found across the website. So hopefully I should have the entirety documented by late next week.