Announcing My New Project for Cryptocurrency: Liberty Wallet

So I am working on a project which I think will benefit all cryptocurrency users. I saw one of my friends trusted one of those third party wallets and basically had his life savings taken away because ultimately your money depends on how trustworthy they are. Which got me thinking about something.
Ok so here is the long and short of my idea:
I am looking to form a project I call, “Liberty Wallet.” So I’m going to work on a project soon to create a software package for a very secure easy to deploy setup for a laptop which will act as a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet to be used optionally in conjunction with a hardware wallet or merely by itself. It will be an easy set of tools already out there, and a way to lock down the whole OS for security.
All code will be free, Libre, and open source it will not cost any money but it will be funded by my own money and donations (you are free to donate if you like).
The concept is simple:
Not all cryptocurrency is able to be stored on a hardware wallet as it has to be coded into a hardware wallet and cryptocurrencies come out rather fast compared so new wallets are added all the time.
Unfortunately most people put a wallet on a third party service you have to trust or on a general purpose machine which is rather insecure as it has a wide attack surface. One wrong website visited with malware looking for crypto and it’s gone.
So my solution is to create a set of tools, and eventually a dedicated distribution of Linux based on Arch and/or Ubuntu which can run on a dedicated PC with an x86 CPU (AMD or Intel) which is encrypted and has tools to create an encrypted back up via Veracrypt and a cloud provider or external drive (HDD or thumb drive)
So imagine you have a small, low power machine, dedicated to managing your cryptocurrencies which can be backed up, that is encrypted, and has has a very small attack surface because it would be hardened.
Furthermore I will use the Ledger Nano S in ways to help lock my device and add additional security as an option.

The project will also include prior features I implemented in some prior mining projects which created bitcoin paper wallets and other things. So I will look at ways to create paper wallets within the system both online and offline. So you can offload crypto onto QR codes.

The project will utilize already existing wallets for many of the cryptocurrencies and allow users to add their own wallets for new cryptocurrencies as they come out.

This way you have ultimate control over your own cryptocurrency.

Eventually I would like to have a team of developers freely contributing code to improve the project and when I get it to a stable or at least decently feature filled state I will announce it via the proper channels to the world through Being Libertarian (which I am the CTO of)

All I would really need for development is two refurbished low power laptops (found a Dell 2120 on Newegg for $80) and a couple SSD upgrades (also $80 each). One laptop for Ubuntu development and other for Arch development. I’m going to save up money here and there over the next month towards this but if anyone wants to chip in message me. I will have ALL of the code released under GPL v3 to ensure it will be Free, Libre, and Open Source even if forked where applicable as well as have my progress be completely transparent on Github.

I want to do this as all current solutions that are ideal are usually hand built just by people like me who keep it to ourselves. I want to simplify the process so someone can grab a device off the shelf, have a walkthrough and guide, and easily set it up themselves on their own hardware whether it be a tiny netbook as I want, or a whole separate laptop or desktop.

The first step is to create scripts to deploy an Ubuntu or Ubuntu derivative of it to be locked down and install some wallets. Along with a walkthrough and guide to deploy an encrypted Ubuntu setup

The second step is to create a full distribution in Arch and even an Ubuntu format possibly which installs with LVM and LUKS for ultimate encryption to prevent unauthorized access in person.

The third step is to create a full setup for a Raspberry Pi to operate on something like Noodle Pi or Pi Laptop for an ultra portable and secure setup.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Want to find out how to help out?

If anyone wants to help me get the hardware for the Liberty Wallet project you can send Ethereum and Litecoin to here. I’m only trying to raise a total of $320-400 shipping for all the hardware required to develop on for the Ubuntu and Arch side. Eventually I will develop a Raspberry Pi version as well once the x86 Arch and Ubuntu versions are developed and looking to build it on the Noodle Pi.

Litecoin: LSXuvtb2qexMBWkf7GJXC5qdypLCsEKeC9

Ethereum: 0x8589aAa4A016402780Da6E7e5c958418e2e2b2f5