Moving to Xubuntu 16.04 for my personal items

Well my Home Theater PC is just about finished… I just installed samba, enabled openSSH via my SSH key, along with my other goodies. Just doing the final tweaks to smooth out video playback via xorg.conf hopefully all the settings will carry over perfectly as this the same exact GPU and such.
But my Nvidia driver is 361 instead of 358 which I was using when on 14.04.
I am just hoping I don’t have to recompile a kernel just for the “Intel Core 2 or Newer” CPU’s along with modifying the system timer from 250Hz to at least 300Hz to have a number more evenly divisible into 30FPS to equal US NTSC video vs European PAL at 25FPS, if that is the case I will bump it to a 1000Hz timer for faster responsiveness as it’s a desktop, as well as being divisible into 30 and 25 in case I take it over seas. If I have to recompile for the Home Theater I am merely going to recompile from the Ubuntu sources rather than directly from My laptop will be getting a custom kernel from though as it doesn’t have the proprietary GPU for smoother video playback

I opted for fresh reinstalls for my laptop and HTPC as I ran into issues with the upgrade and then merely reinstalled all my applications and such through my scripts, as I always keep my /home on a separate partition just in case I have to reinstall things.

I am working on upgrading my servers from 14.04LTS to 16.04LTS as well by Q2 of 2017 after lots of testing. Some servers will probably be rebuilt from scratch. However I am in no rush as we all have until 2019 for the end of life of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to end.

Perspectives: DNC Email Leak

This article was originally published on Being Libertarian reposted here with permission

Being Libertarian Perspectives will serve as a weekly, multi-perspective opinion and analysis piece by members of Being Libertarian’s writing team. Every week the panel, comprised of randomly selected writers, will answer a question based on current events or libertarian philosophy. Managing Editor Dillon Eliassen will moderate and facilitate the discussion.

Perspectives 1

Dillon Eliassen: What do you think is the most shocking or profound tidbit found in the Democratic National Committee email leak?

Alon Ganon: Where to begin? I personally have about 90+ emails uncovered on my blog. We have DNC members shooting a horse for insurance, a lollipop reference as in Lollicon, racism, some homophobic comments, some anti-Semitism sprinkled in when mentioning Yom HaShoah to remember the Holocaust as they were annoyed. The collusion between the media… I could go on, there is just so much. So, what I would say is most shocking is size and scope of how bad it actually all is.

It was a horribly set up network. It appears to be all Windows based using Microsoft Exchange, which Snowden had revealed Microsoft sits on the exploits of and hands on a a silver platter to the NSA, leaving millions vulnerable. So Big Government in a way had a hand in this leak. If they had been using a proper UNIX/UNIX-like system like the majority of the IT world does for network connected services, this could have been avoided. It’s why all of our servers set up by me use GNU/Linux. For example, Windows uses password authentication most often. We use RSA keys that would take the NSA even a little time to crack our server key for administrative access unless they have physical access to my laptop or the encrypted backup. The funny part is both Clinton and the DNC used Microsoft Exchange and that was the Achilles heel in both attacks.

However, I found the most interesting thing about #DNCLeak was actually the after effect. See, they immediately point the finger at the Russians. I have asked dozens of friends of mine in the IT world across the political spectrum, and no one is convinced the Russian government is behind it. However, it’s interesting to note that Clinton is going after Russia saying they are working with Trump when we have confirmation she has received money in exchange for some deals with them. I would also like to note the FBI was so sure of themselves when Sony was breached that it was North Korea. However, it was revealed later may not have been the case at all as it appeared to be an inside job. So how do we not know if maybe it was a disgruntled intern or someone?

Dillon: I also think it was a disgruntled employee. And again, they are shooting themselves in the foot by blaming Russia, because it gives credence to the assertion that Russia went after Hillary’s private server.

Alon: Apparently the only “evidence” they have of it being Russia, to my knowledge, is an IP address which we should note the Supreme Court says is not enough for a warrant, and some metadata in a document in Russian. That’s hardly a smoking gun.

If anything this situation has revealed the IT department of the Democrats to be as incompetent as their politicians they support.

If I were to sum up this whole situation in one single word as an IT person, it would be “incompetence.”

Dillon: I enjoy the emails sent to Chuck Todd to get him to intercede on behalf of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton and the DNC to get MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski to stop criticizing them for being unfair to Bernie Sanders. I don’t believe Todd actually confirmed to someone in the Hillary campaign that he reached out to Brzezinski, so he might be in the clear as far as journalistic ethics go. And I don’t think it’s that terrible that DWS and her minions approached Todd to act on their behalf. What I wonder is why wouldn’t they ask to respond to Brzezinski’s allegations themselves by appearing on Morning Joe, or going on Meet The Press? Also, I think it’s foolish and risky on the campaign/DWS’s part, because what if Brzezinski got all bent out of shape and did a segment on Morning Joe saying she was approached by DWS and Hillary to not be so critical of them? Journalists hate being told what they can and can’t say, and they have a platform to antagonize their antagonizers. It would be like kicking a hornet’s nest!

Brandon Kirby: I was concerned about the philosophical implications to the way people think; the media’s involvement with the Democratic Party was alarming. I’ve seen stories on the media of situations I was close to that were false narratives that perpetuating biases rather than reality. I watched a 6 minute story that did this, then I multiplied that by 10 to imagine (I’ll admit my thought-experiment was imagination rich and empirical data poor) how much false narratives were being consumed by the viewer in an hour program, and then again by 365 and it’s a horrifying prospect to think of people walking around in society guided by these falsehoods. It’s similar to Plato’s cave where they’re seeing a shadowing blur of reality constructed by a bias. As horrifying as that was, it became more horrifying knowing the politicians are the ones creating the narrative. It’s nothing short of an Orwellian nightmare.

John Engle: I think the main revelation will be to wake progressives up to the bad faith in which the DNC operates. It’s a process that has been starting, and the hard core of the Sandinista movement seems to have seen it pretty clearly at the convention. The news media, film, TV, etc. all contribute to the notion that the Right operates in bad faith, more interested in the dollars from rich corporate interests than in actually serving the people. They portray the Democrats and the Left, on the other hand, as being good faith actors. When something goes wrong policy-wise, it is chocked up to unintended consequences rather than malice. What these emails reveal clearly is what anyone who follows politics understands: Both sides are entrenched interests that are largely interested in perpetuating themselves and their privileges. The act of public service is the secondary value at best.

Ni Ma: Charles Krauthammer suggested that Trump’s statement asking Russia to find Hillary’s emails may have been a trap, since Clinton claims those were all private. So there would be no implication to national security if they were all private. Yet Democrats complain about Trump jeopardizing national security. Not sure if there’s validity to it, but I found it to be an interesting hypothesis.

John: I’ve seen that as well. Even if he didn’t plan it that way, it will have that impact for him. Can’t be a better result from Trump’s perspective, because he will be able to turn it on them so easily. She freaks out over his one off the cuff remark and thinks we plebs should shut up about the hundreds of deleted emails.

Alon: I will say this, as an IT person. This has been the best comedy show for me. I have actually been using the DNC Leak as an example for my clients on the weaknesses of Microsoft software. Unfortunately as it was pointed out to me, the US Government seems to have a crony deal with Microsoft that they require Microsoft software on their computers and contractors computers. To me this is a blatant example of how Crony capitalism damages everyone.

I would like to see the US government actually read Eric S. Raymond’s, Cathedral and the Bazaar. Because they need to implement it properly. Because relying on a corporation with a dedicated team of a few hundred to fix all issues is clearly showing its strain. Linus’ law named after Linus Torvalds the founder of the Linux kernel, states “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”; or more formally: “Given a large enough beta-tester and co-developer base, almost every problem will be characterized quickly and the fix will be obvious to someone.” Per Wikipedia but is a well cited law in the tech community to the flaw of Microsoft software or really any proprietary softwares
I cite it further as an example of cronyism damaging Government via proprietary contracts for public non defensive systems. The reason being that defense software is protected via “protection from obscurity.” However public services, are usually a common platform. Therefore a voluntarist structure is more beneficial as we can see in real world practices on Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) E.g. GNU/Linux, Firefox, Bitcoin, WordPress, email, and most fundamental services we rely on but don’t think about in our day to day cyber lives'

Dear Journalists of #DNCLeak

Dear Journalists of #DNCLeak,
Stop lying about that it was the Russians who cracked the security. First of all let me give you an IT lesson 101 in spoofing your location. We have what is called a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which allows us to have a virtual presence in a local network. It creates an encrypted tunnel to a location and proxies your information through there. So geographically it appears as if you are somewhere else. That’s why some of my friends have noticed my location shows as New York City, instead of Ohio where I actually live. So what exactly am I getting at here? Cyber security is tricky business and we can’t just trust that because it appears to possibly be from Russia, that is in fact Russia. So the mere fact they immediately began pointing the finger at Russia suggests this is spin rather than factual. This has been proven by the constant touting of “suspicion” as fact in many of the articles.

If we recall Sony was cracked into and even the FBI suspected North Korea of doing it (1), as it appeared to have been traced back through China, which is where North Korea proxies their internet through. However as Time magazine wrote, it turns out that evidence suggests after deep investigation they were completely wrong, and it seemed to be a disgruntled employee (2).

To be completely honest the most disgusting fact about this entire situation, is it shows how corrupt the media still is. We are seeing this as they are covering up the story, and spinning it, rather than using the emails there to show how bad the DNC and Hillary Clinton are. But then again the media has always thrown the left a soft pitch every single time historically compared to the right. I say this as someone who is neither a Republican or a Democrat. Please for once in your careers be honest to the people and report the story as it happened, not as you want them to hear how it happened.

Alon Ganon
An Honest Journalist and CTO of Being Libertarian LLC


#DNCLeak #DNCLeaks Master List

As many are aware the DNC Email was breached releasing 20,000 emails to the public. I have personally combed through them myself when the leak began. Thus far this is what I have found regarding the DNC leak

colluding with a reporter on NBC

Josh Barro Business Insider

Jake Tapper CNN

Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.

off the book meetings

Jason Seher coordinating with CNN

Bernie Supporter and Delegate Almost Wasn’t Allowed to Attend a DNC Fundraiser

DNC party with WaPo (NOTE in HTML format, easily viewed by downloading raw email and open with a mail program like Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux)

Collecting Bernie Voter Data

Collusion with RI Gov

Bernie Narrative/making him look bad

Laughing at Bernie wanting to debate in California

DNC planning to end Bernie campaign in April

Wasserman-Schultz response to claim of bias

Wasserman-Schultz called Jeff Weaver (Bernie Campaign Manager) a “damn liar” for saying there was violence in Nevada

Politico agrees to Let DNC review article regarding Hillary Fundraising before Publishing

Continue reading “#DNCLeak #DNCLeaks Master List”

Open Letter to Facebook on Censorship/I was literally banned for nothing

The following letter has been snail mailed to Facebook’s headquarters, with some personal information redacted. However I felt the public needed to be made aware of this issue of censorship on Facebook.
Update: A second slightly amended version has been sent to their legal department as of June 21, 2016
Update 2: Edits are being made to it

June 16, 2016

Facebook Headquarters
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Dear Facebook,
Hello my name is Alon Ganon I am CTO of DTG3D LLC as well as a reporter and CTO for Being Libertarian LLC (, I am mailing you about an issue I have been having for the past several years, which your online communication seems to have resulted in no progress on these issues. See I am an IT contractor by trade as well, and I have been wrongfully banned from facebook many times for things I have not posted. As I have to join pages sometimes to administrate their IT stuff, unfortunately some of these people on pages post some posts that have landed me in jail for things I never posted. I have been the target of Anti-Semitic mass reporting before as I am Jewish, and Pro-Israel. I even had to experience the utter devastation in my life of being assaulted and sent to the hospital merely for having been Jewish. However I woke up this morning, June 16, 2016 to find that I was postblocked again for having posted literally nothing on my account (original has direct link here) which you see the image below included which is blank. I have also never posted the content which resulted in my last ban, which was obviously when my account was compromised, yet Facebook failed to perform any action despite multiple reporting of the issue, as well as Facebook even notifying me that my account was appearing to send out spam and may have been compromised. Yet despite that warning when I logged in, I had still received a 30 day ban for my account being compromised. I have not posted anything in violation of facebook standards myself in many years, and if you look at my account history you will see most of the times I was banned never actually stemmed from me or were taken completely out of context. I find it completely unfair that I continuously am receiving a 30 day ban for things I have not posted, nor that violate Facebook Policy. Admittedly I am human a small minority of these were rightfully given, mostly when I was much younger, however facebook doesn’t even take context of discussions into consideration, and I have been banned for merely quoting other people.

I really do not feel like having to track down your Ombudsman to resolve this issue, nor have to tell my Rabbi who is good friends with the person who runs the Anti-Defamation League, as it is negatively effecting my business, as I need facebook for communication as well as the ability to administrate my clients pages. So I am attaching two images one from the ban this morning, and the one prior to show that Facebook’s system is not always correct in banning people. There is in no way that I have violated Facebook Policy, especially seeing as I am not a supporter of Donald Trump and his vitriolic speech, along with the fact many on my fathers side are Muslim as well. Facebook should make an effort not to punish an entire page, even for the wrong doings of one single poster, because as we all know one bad apple should not spoil the bunch. I had to leave a Facebook page and cancel a contract for building a website for a conservative page as I kept being banned by association for things I myself have never posted. Yet ever since that long stay trying to do their IT work, I consistently am banned for 30 days at a time. In case you are curious as to the images authenticity in question I have uploaded my original screenshots in my company’s own cloud at this link (original has direct link here but images are below

I would like to kindly request an archive of all of my activity resulting in prior bans sent to my email below. I would kindly also like to request whatever arbitrary “strike system” you use against offenders re-evaluate my account, because the majority of times I have been banned were not a result

of my own doing. So I would like to request a re-evaluation of the continual use of a 30 day ban on my account consistently when I myself haven’t posted the majority of the content that resulted in my ban. I would also like to note I have every single security option enabled on facebook that is possible so it appears as if my account was compromised on your end. My security features include, 2FA with Authy, 2FA with my cell number, my Public PGP key is even added, as well as my passwords being created randomly via KeePassX. I do not use Windows or Mac computers, I use a complete GNU/Linux environment which is secured and tightened down. I access everything through a VPN which I built myself, and at times through your onion link via Tor when abroad in places that may not allow it so easily, e.g. China. I am very displeased as a journalist that Facebook is able to take down such content without anyway for humans to appeal the process. As we can quite evidently see, one should not be banned for a post they have not made, nor are they actually in violation of facebook policy.

I thank you taking the time to read this letter, and if there are any further questions or concerns, all of my contact information is down below my signature. I hope we can resolve this matter easily and expeditiously.

Alon Ganon, CTO DTG3D LLC, CTO BeingLibertarian LLC
The last ban I received was obviously not from a human source, but was copy pasted, there were about a dozen people in my circle taken down by the same attack


This is from the latest ban, along with mobile screenshots from a fellow admin of the Being Libertarian facebook page. This one resulted in me being banned for 30 days, and is far from the first time I have wrongfully been banned for 30 days from Facebook


13406995_10209518490941830_6731617608132812957_n 13413648_10209518491101834_5518321967832745473_n

Why do Offices insist on using Free Anti-Virus?

In all my years of working on computers since I was 4 years old, beginning with my father who also worked on computers. One thing has always made me smack my head harder than anything. How so many individuals, and offices of all kinds do not pay for Anti-Virus. I have walked in to so many offices, and especially doctors offices that are infected to high hell because they do not want to pay for Anti-Virus. Free Anti-Virus I have found to be at best 70% effective in catching malicious things. I have always favored deploying Eset Smart Security for home and business, as I find it to be one of the most reliable suites.

Most offices use the very poor excuse of “saving money.” Let me explain why that is a poor excuse. 90% of the time you could avoid having a person come out to clean a computer of viruses by merely being proactive. Seeing as I charge anywhere from $50-$125/hr depending on the contract, and Eset Smart Security for 6 devices costs only $84.99 for a year as of right now. It’s really easy to explain why it is completely stupid to stick with free anti-virus that doesn’t get the job done completely.

In all honesty you should have a few tools in all of your networks.

  1. Anti-Virus (I recommend Eset Smart Security)
  2. Firewall (hardware one is best for Offices)
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version is fine if you manually run once a month)
  4. Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) this plugs a bunch of potential holes in Windows

If you are not paying for Anti-Virus you’re most likely infected unless you know what you are doing. I have become so familiar with computers I know the signs of an infected computer without even having to do a Virus Scan. So do yourself a favor, protect yourself.

So I finally moved wordpress from a Raspberry Pi

Yes… When I first started playing with wordpress I started on a Raspberry Pi zero. But after my account on facebook being wrongfully banned. I am ready and willing to embrace true freedom via the Free, Libre, and Open Source Software movement in the form of WordPress.

So I have connected this to my account

Hello everybody

This is Alon’s first post. So with this post I hereby declare my deprecation of the use of, and dependence on Facebook. I have decided to regain my independence and freedom from proprietary social media services. What prompted this all? Facebook has been wrongfully targeting and attacking me for the past few months. I have been wrongfully banned for things I haven’t even posted, or that don’t even violate Facebook terms.

The latest was obviously a bot that spammed about 18 accounts on Facebook were all attacked and taken down via this malicious attack. I was banned for 30 days, of which I have 26 remaining as of now. Facebook has no appeal system or way to get in contact with staff to resolve this. So I am hereby deprecating my use of Facebook. Until such a time as they are not such a monopolistic entity with little to no oversight, so as to prevent issues like this from happening.