How to Make Super Secure Passwords Easily with One Command

We all know when it comes to security, a secure password is always the most important thing. However remembering a complex password is always the toughest part anywhere. Especially when it comes to being a system administrator, our passwords are usually the most vital of anyone in the company. When it comes to telling people they need complex passwords, what always comes to mind is this xkcd comic about passwords.


As the bottom text suggests we have come to the point where it’s hard for us to remember passwords, but easy for computers to guess. So what’s the solution? Well what I do as a GNU/Linux person is use the command already built in to generate super secure passwords using the sha1sum, sha224sum, sha256sum, sha384sum, and sha512sum commands.

First off pick a random word or phrase. Now remember capitalization, spaces, and such will always effect the sum spit out. let’s start with sha1sum which is the shortest, and using the word “password” as our example throughout this tutorial

echo "password" | sha1sum

So we see using the word “password” it spits out the sha1sum of the word, and we now have a very complex password. Now let’s try it with SHA256

echo "password" | sha256sum

So you see as we increase the strength of the sha256sum, the output sum is longer, and with a longer password comes even more security. Now let’s try SHA512

echo "password" | sha512sum

So now we see the output is incredibly long and complex. This is a great way to make incredibly secure passwords.



Introducing the Facebook Killer

I created this blog with the sole intention of being able to stop relying on facebook so much. In my quest to look and see if there was anything better, I stumbled across And it has all the things that were good about Facebook. But it is so much more clean, and modern. Tsu is like a combination of Twitter and Facebook in a very great way.

How Looks when you login. Content is brought right to you. It’s like a combination of Twitter and Facebook
Content is brought to you on Tsu, you don't have to search for content like on Facebook.
Content is brought to you on Tsu, you don’t have to search for content like on Facebook.

Not to mention there is one major difference between Tsu and Facebook, Tsu will pay you for your content. You read that right! Tsu pays you for your content. See Facebook gets rich off of people selling their soul to the devil that is Facebook, without anything in return. Ok Facebook did give me censorship, grief, and headache in return. If people aren’t willing to share content for the sake of just getting their own content out there, Facebook won’t make any money. So it’s the same flaw as MySpace had, there is really no incentive for you to stay on Facebook, or even to keep using it. I have to say Richard Stallman was completely right about Facebook. It is not a safe platform for journalists like me. While I doubt Tsu would still get Stallman’s love, I think it’s better because at least we are getting something out of us making ourselves public. Which to me being a more libertarian individual, appeals to me. I have been censored by Facebook over the years for Pro-Israel posts, things that didn’t violate Facebook terms, things other people have posted on pages I was merely a staff member of, and at times it appears as if I am being punished merely for the association with some people who are more outspoken.

Facebook is threatened by Tsu, and a declining number of people sharing on Facebook
Facebook is threatened by Tsu, and a declining number of people sharing on Facebook

One thing that is interesting, is it seems many of the people who are on Tsu, are people who were in a similar situation as me. Where we have been wrongfully punished by Facebook. My prediction is that as time goes on, the problems with Facebook will grow and grow. Facebook is really threatened by Tsu, to the point they were blocking until news outlets started picking it up. As Richard Stallman pointed out, this is not Facebook’s first attempts at censorship.

Tsu seems to be the response of people who are disappointed with Facebook
Tsu seems to be the response of people who are disappointed with Facebook

If you want to try out, my short name is Alonmg